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For those about to migrate...

Cloud-native is your imperative for agile delivery of new demands of your software team to rapidly deliver value to business. You have developed strategy around Kubernetes for a cloud-agnostic software platform. OpenShift, EKS, ACS or GKE – whatever you have picked – you are all in. New applications are a joy to build but integrating with existing applications is still necessary for end-to-end business workflows. The ROI for modernizing is clear – no more servers to patch, manage and secure – or legacy applications to maintain. Only if there was an easy way to modernize you existing infrastructure to minimize technical debt and use a single metaphor for building applications going forward ….

Challenges you face...

Traditional applications still run your business and modernizing them is daunting. A myriad of technologies - .NET, java, Node.js, ruby to name a few. Web applications are strongly coupled with old Windows software. Edge locations are still running software from a decade ago. How do you move SQL server to containers?  Stateful  Kubernetes applications is still a dark art. Windows integrated authentication requires a descent into the unknown. Multi-tier networked applications require mapping to service mesh or other Kubernetes artifacts. The challenges are many and embarking on these projects without a way to mitigate and quantify risk is less than ideal.

Let there be light!

Zero2M steps in this gap to offer automated transition of multi-tier Windows .NET applications with SQL Server running as containers, Active Directory integration into first-class Kubernetes applications capable of taking advantage of persistent volumes, advanced networking, and service mesh. Since your existing applications have deep business customizations automated sandboxes let you test, evaluate and adjust to new realties in the cloud-native world DevOps style. You have managed risk, accelerated your project through automation and when ready you can promote your application to production along with your database while retaining or enhancing your security posture.

Join-us for your modernization journey at Zero2M where alongside our automated migration solution,  Zero2M experts will be at your service to help develop blue-prints that addresses your specific application customizations.